Blairgowrie Karate Club

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Karate Martial Arts in Blairgowrie. Students from all over Tayside, Perth, Perthshire, Dundee, Angus, Coupar Angus & East Scotland.

Practical Karate with the focus on Self Defence, Self Protection. Discover Self Motivation, Self Discipline, Self Confidence, Fitness, Health & Welbeing.


Welcome to our Karate Club.


Karate (Chinese Hand) offers people of various ages the opportunity to learn effective skills for self-protection culminating with the ability to evade or escape conflict encounters. It is a complete defensive martial art.


Karate gives the opportunity for lifelong study in which the focus and training methods can be adapted to be age and capability appropriate.  


Karate encourages individuality and assists oneself to discover, develop and maintain positive character traits e.g. self-esteem, confidence, determination and endurance.


Karate training encourages practitioners to improve their fitness, strength and stamina thereby assisting one to improve overall health and wellbeing.


The main context of our training is self-protection in which we learn and train skills through Kata applications (Bunkai), practicing these skills using Two Person Drills. Skills range from de-escalation, striking, throwing, grappling, air & blood depravation and escaping multiple enemies.


Our training has evolved to incorporate practices and methods from a variety of Martial Arts and other Karate styles.  


Our training is based on pragmatism, realism and truth. We seek out the historical truths, where feasible, and adapt them to our contemporary setting.


As instructors we take teaching and training seriously but we never take ourselves seriously. We believe in an open-minded and contemporary approach to teaching.


The club is run by a team of dedicated karate practitioners Ally Whytock and Karen Whytock. Both are British Red Cross First Aid certified, have Disclosures and have attended the Safeguarding and Protecting Children & Children 1st:In Safe Hands courses.


The Club is an accredited PACES Bronze Level Member.  We have a YouTube channel. Please check out what we do.


Please use the Contact Us page.


Please use the Classes page to find locations & times.  We train at Blairgowrie Community Campus.


The club is a member of the British Combat Karate Association


Please browse through the site.  We have prepared a For Beginners page to help those interested in starting training.

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