Blairgowrie Karate Club

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Karate Martial Arts in Blairgowrie. Students from all over Tayside, Perth, Perthshire, Dundee, Angus, Coupar Angus & East Scotland.

Practical Karate with the focus on Self Defence, Self Protection. Discover Self Motivation, Self Discipline, Self Confidence, Fitness, Health & Welbeing.

Safe Training


Training Environment


The club training halls (dojo) are hired from Live Active Leisure thereby ensuring correct processes and procedures that when followed, maintain a safe training environment.


Karen Whytock & Ally Whytock have First Aid, Public Indemnity Insurance and Enhanced Disclosure Scotland.  Certificates are available on demand.




There are three elements within Karate – Kihon, Kata and Kumite.  Kihon is the basic training in which students (Karate-Ka) learn and practice the various striking and blocking techniques as drills.  Kata is the application of techniques in set sequences through which the body becomes acquainted with combinational techniques that become natural.  Kata when applied to a training partner (enemy, opponent or assailant) is called Bunkai. Kumite is engaging with a partner or sparring opponent.  Each are key to Karate.  Karate is not complete without all three.


The club also provides additional training in Self Defence and Bag/Pad work.


To ensure a safe training environment the club employs rules (Etiquette) that must be adhered to by all students.